Name: Mia

Age: 23

Weight: 54 kg
Training: for 2 years


Fitness House


my name is Mia and I'd like to welcome you on my new Homepage!

My biggest passion is doing fitness and all kind of sports. And I would love to share that passion with all of you guys.

On this site I will show you some of the most awesome fitness excercises I am doing right now. So feel free to click throug the navigation and leave me some feedback.

Fitness is my passion.

Fitness is my live.

Fitness is all I want.

Fitness is it!


Mens sana in corpore sano

This is an ancient saying which is actually true. Your mind will only be healthy when also your body which encases your mind is healthy itself. If you suffer from illness, you will most likely be mentally influenced by that illness. So guys do everything to keep yourselves healthy :-)